Shelf-Stable Dairy Sauces

Rich Dairy Flavor Without the Fuss

Now you can deliver all the rich dairy taste and creamy texture consumers crave, with our breakthrough innovation: easy-to-use, shelf-stable dairy solutions.

Watch to find out how you can deliver authentic culinary creativity and achieve maximum efficiency at the same time.

Tasty, Flavor-Forward Spreads and Sauces

Everyone loves the creaminess of dairy, and nothing else carries flavor like it does. What makes our delectable spreads and sauces different? Each one is made with real dairy ingredients in a rich and creamy base, providing a palette of consumer-preferred flavors only dairy can deliver. How do we know what flavors consumers want? We do our homework, vetting through consumer research, so you can bring on-trend, chef-driven flavors to life.

See how we can help elevate your applications, with a glimpse of just a few of our sauces:

French fries with melted cheese
Bring a new level of excitement to your menu offerings when you add our zesty parmesan peppercorn sauce, applewood smoked gouda cheese sauce and other flavorful options to burgers and more.
Cream sauce in metal pot
Tacos, burritos and more taste even more enjoyable, topped with our chipotle or lime crema sauces for another flavor dimension.
Pancakes with butter sauce
Turns out, you can improve rich and creamy butter, when you infuse it with savory or sweet flavor. Try our roasted garlic butter sauce for more flavorful burgers or our hot honey butter sauce for a delightful twist on traditional pizza crust.
Bread with cream cheese filling
Elevate everyday baked goods, sandwiches and more with a burst of rich, full flavor ranging from pumpkin cream cheese filling in baked goods to buffalo cream cheese spread on chicken sandwiches.

Beyond Great Flavor: Operational Benefits

To survive—and thrive—in today’s dynamic market, you need a menu that features great, standout flavors. At the same time, you have to keep an eye on expenses and keep your back-of-house operations simple. Our shelf-stable dairy products are easy to use, featuring cost efficiencies, integrity in hot or cold applications, and back-of-house benefits.

EFCO sauce package

Supply chain cost savings

With no refrigeration required during transportation or storage, you’ll save on refrigeration costs incurred with traditional dairy products. And, with pouch packaging in right-size options (including 1lb, 2lb, 4lb and 5lb pouches), you’ll benefit from greater product yield and less waste.

Hot or cold applications

Not only are our dairy solutions shelf-stable, they can be held hot or cold throughout the entire prep, holding and serving process, without losing integrity. Most importantly, shelf-stable means these ingredients do not carry the food safety risk of traditional refrigerated dairy products.
black tubs with red tag

Bulk packaging options

We provide shelf-stable dairy ingredients in a variety of cost-effective bulk packaging options for industrial manufacturers. Choose from pails, drums and totes to fill your specific operational needs.

Innovating for You

EFCO has been a go-to source and strategic partner for leaders in the food industry for 120+ years. We take special pride in collaborating with our customers, putting our proven experience and expertise to use and constantly exploring new, creative solutions to the food industry’s latest challenges.

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