Introducing OPAQ

Titanium Dioxide Replacer

New Clean Label Ingredient

With OPAQ, the revolutionary new ingredient from EFCO, your food and beverage products can be bright white — without the use of titanium dioxide that today’s consumers want to avoid.

See How to Widen Your Brand’s Appeal the Easy Way: Go Titanium Dioxide-Free with OPAQ.

Proven Benefits for Food & Beverages​

OPAQ is a calcium-based dry ingredient blend that adds natural opacity for a desirable bright white appearance, in everything from bakery fillings and icings to white bread, ice cream and more. EFCO created this patent-pending* ingredient to replace titanium dioxide because we saw a need in the market for clean label products with a natural white appearance.

*Patent Pending (Serial no: 17/552,045)

three cupcakes with white frosting on a white surface

Effective with a Clean Label

We invented OPAQ and now supply this ingredient to food & beverage manufacturers, knowing that a successful titanium dioxide replacement must:
  • Offer a natural white appearance
  • Be easy to use and process tolerant
  • Feature clean label GRAS ingredients
  • Have no negative effect on taste and flavor

Bright White, with Nutritional Benefits

Processed through a proprietary method to maximize brightness, OPAQ is easy to use as a replacement for titanium dioxide. And, since it is calcium based, it can provide the value-added benefit of calcium fortification to improve nutritionals for your food and beverage products.
  • Free flowing powder; readily dispersible
  • Effective in water-, fat- and powder-based applications
  • Works across wide range of pH values
  • Low usage level (often less than 1%)
Coffee in a mug with milk being poured into it
fettuccini alfredo in a bowl

For a Variety of Applications

Featuring clean label GRAS ingredients, OPAQ can replace titanium dioxide in a wide range of food and beverage applications. OPAQ is proven effective — tried and tested in a wide variety of applications — to add natural opacity and keep products bright white.

Icings, Frostings, Glazes, Fillings, Puddings, Breads, Cakes

RTD Beverages, Coffee Creamers & Syrups, Powdered Drink Mixes

Yogurts, Ice Cream, Traditional Dairy, Plant-Based Dairy 

Salad Dressings, Condiments, Cheese Sauces, Cream-Based Soups

Candies, Sprinkles, Inclusions, Sugar Coatings & Toppings

Selecting OPAQ for Your Application

This exciting new product is available in two versions: OPAQ and OPAQ SE. Each can be easily added to your existing formulations.

graph of opaq ingredient info
table of OPAQ Se information

Sharing Our Expertise

EFCO is a strategic supplier with the innovation and manufacturing expertise to help you succeed. We know OPAQ will work for you, because we’ve used it to replace titanium dioxide in a wide range of food and beverage applications and are here to help you do the same.

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