With nearly 110 years under-our-belt, you can trust that no one knows wholesale bakeries better that we do. And after all that time, it’s easy to realize that our mutual success is not just about EFCO the company, but about the people that work with us, who make our relationship with you meaningful and relevant. EFCO knows that your business is in the heart of many supermarkets, restaurants and convenience stores. We make it our responsibility to help you fulfill the sweet and savory food needs of the millions of happy consumers around the world who enjoy the products you make.

EFCO is known for our expert and rapid product development capabilities, on-site technical support and quick response times to your needs. We know first-hand that your requirements are unique and individually yours. That’s why our product development process is designed to work flawlessly with your requirements, specifications and customer interests.

You will also discover that our on-site technical support team has an expertise with cakes, donuts, muffins and nearly all sweet goods. Importantly, they also have an expertise in working with the production equipment on which those products are made. And because our product development team works closely with our on-site technicians, we are able to provide you with an integrated and multi-level support system.

From dry mixes and bakery fillings that can be pumped or extruded to popular qualities like bake-stable, freeze/thaw stable, clean label, reduced calorie and more, you soon realize the we can formulate nearly anything you need. It’s no surprise that so many wholesale bakeries turn to EFCO.