With nearly 110 years under-our-belt, you can trust that no one knows supermarket bakeries better that we do. And after all that time, it’s easy to realize that our mutual success is not just about EFCO the company, but about the people that work with us, who make our relationship with you meaningful and relevant. EFCO is on-trend and in-tune with the rapidly changing flavor preferences of your supermarket shopper. We make it our responsibility to impact your store’s bakery offering with sweet food ideas shoppers will enjoy.

Supermarket bakeries everywhere have come to enjoy the robust line of fillings and mixes that include specialty and seasonal bakery mixes. And with a vast library of recipes and formulas, we have complete programs at-the-ready for you to build appeal with your shopper.

EFCO is known throughout the country for its intimate service. It’s a benchmark we live by. And for supermarket bakeries, we’re here to help any way we can. Even in the tightest of deadlines, we’ve been known to make the impossible, possible.

We are also able to package product in a pouch, instead of a pail. This is beneficial to you because it is environmentally friendly by reducing packaging waste, keeps the product fresh and provides better product evacuation. This is ideal for many donut fillings including Bavarian cream. It’s no surprise that so many supermarket bakeries turn to EFCO.