Some things will never change. And we like that just fine.

Imagine a horse drawn cart trotting along a network of roads in the picturesque Hudson Valley Region of New York over 100 years ago. The flour carried on that cart was the first product available from what would become EFCO Products Inc. based in Poughkeepsie, New York.

However, it wasn't just a product line that was in the process of being formed in those early days. It was also relationships and a reputation for quality and integrity. Maybe it's because the business was family-owned in a time when a man's word was his promise and a family name was the most-prized commodity. In that regard, little has changed in the 100-plus years that the Effron family has been offering its products to bakers looking for only the finest ingredients. Sure, the product line has expanded greatly from that elemental bag of flour and the distribution has come a long way from that horse and buggy, but some things remain unchanged: a commitment to quality; unrelenting business principles; and a family that knows the value of customer relationships.

Today, EFCO Products is still privately held by the Effron family and two generations are actively involved. Jack Effron and Ira Effron serve as Co-Chairmen; Mike Effron is the Regional and Global Sales Manager and Steve Effron is the company's President. The Effrons also relied on the wise counsel of matriarch Sadie Effron who recently passed away at the age of 107 and had been associated with the company since 1930.