With nearly 110 years under-our-belt, you can trust that no one knows the importance that a distributor can have to everyone’s success better than we do. And after all that time, it’s easy to realize that our mutual success is not just about EFCO the company, but about the people that work with us, who make our relationship with you meaningful and relevant.

We recognize that you are the logistical connection between EFCO and our many customers. Whether you are a foodservice or bakery distributor, the entire EFCO team is working hard to help you be successful with our products. That is why we offer a broad line of items - from bakery mixes to fillings and plenty of products in-between. There’s also a variety of packing options including pails  and pouches for our fillings to 25lb. and 50lb bags for our bakery mixes. There’s always convenient packaging you can offer to our shared customer base.

And we’re here to help your business succeed by offering short lead times. In many areas we make weekly deliveries that assist in maintaining proper inventory levels. These short lead times combine with our competitive pricing to give you a remarkable competitive advantage. We take great pride in offering high quality products - that are always fresh - with great value. It’s no surprise that so many distributors work with EFCO.