Core Competencies

At the center of who we are sits five core competencies.

The foods we enjoy are central to so many of life’s favorite moments. Refreshing drinks, savory dishes and sensational desserts are an immense part of how we experience the world around us. As the world changes with the constant fusion of cultures and flavors, EFCO is here to help you anticipate them through the ideas, innovation and collaboration we bring to the table. Tastes may change, but our ability to delight your customers day-in and day-out is why so many companies around the world turn to EFCO.


There’s no denying it, we have a thing for great service. Actually, remarkable service. And that’s because we’re passionate about helping you succeed. It’s the kind of service that is collaborative – your team and our team. Our ability to provide exceptional service is a full EFCO team initiative. It’s the kind of service you can only truly understand by being an EFCO customer.


The word no doesn’t exist in our vocabulary. EFCO has the manufacturing know-how to produce items from fruit-based fillings and baking mixes to dessert toppings and shelf-stable cream cheeses.

The core of what we’re here to do is to use our manufacturing prowess to make sure we deliver exactly what you and your customer are looking for.


We say ingenuity is just the beginning. We don’t know a better way than to put our team’s passion into action. It is our exposure to the world’s tastes combined with this passion for new sweet and savory foods that inspire us to bring ideas that add value. Keeping your customers elated; keeping them coming back each day, week–for more, is what EFCO is here to do.


Nimble. Experienced. Trendy...Thump-Thump. That’s your heart beating fast as you come to learn that EFCO has food science and culinary experts – on staff. This team works day long (sometimes night long, too) in our state-of-the-art product development kitchen to create and experiment with new ideas and samples. Turns out playing with food isn’t a bad thing.


It’s one thing for us to know your business, but we also go to great lengths to know your customer. We understand their preferences and what connects them to your business. That becomes inspiration for us and relevance for you. Together we can create beautiful sweet and savory dishes that capture the tastes your customers enjoy with their family and friends.