Chain Restaurant Operator

With nearly 110 years under-our-belt, you can trust that no one knows chain restaurants better that we do. And after all that time, it’s easy to realize that our mutual success is not just about EFCO the company, but about the people that work with us, who make our relationship with you meaningful and relevant. EFCO is on-trend and in-tune with the rapidly changing flavor preferences of consumers. We make it our responsibility to infuse your restaurant’s menu with sweet and savory food ideas your customers will come to enjoy at your restaurant.

We work exceptionally well with chain restaurant operators because we speak your language. Literally. We’re chefs and food science people, too. That’s why we like to have our product development team meet directly with you to identify your individual needs and goals. It becomes a true collaborative partnership so we can develop new sweet and savory food ideas that your customers will devour.

And at EFCO, we’re not just a supplier of some of the finest ingredients, but a solution providing complete menu ideas. We know well that increasing return visits and average transaction sales are important to you and that’s why we have ideas to impact all parts of your menu. From breakfast to dessert. Sweet or savory.

And with customer preferences changing constantly, time-to-market is as critical as ever. Our team is honed in to deliver intimate service that gives you a quick response time for samples and prototypes. It’s no surprise that so many chain restaurant operators turn to EFCO.